How do I control the collection of WMS stats on the master controller?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba platforms and ArubaOS and later.


In ArubaOS, an option was added to WMS GENERAL called "collect-stats" that could be enabled or disabled:


(MM6000) #show wms general


General Attributes 
Key Value 
--- ----- 
poll-interval 60000 
poll-retries 2 
ap-ageout-interval 30 
sta-ageout-interval 30 
learn-ap disable 
persistent-known-interfering enable 
propagate-wired-macs enable 
stat-update enable 
collect-stats disable 
wms-on-master enable 
use-db enable 
calc-poll-interval 60000 
Switch IP 

Is Master enable



One way to check if the stats are being collected or not is to run the 'show wms counters' command and look for the counters with "stats RB-tree". They should be null if no stats are being collected.



(MM6000) #show wms counters


Name Value 
---- ----- 
DB Reads 288268 
DB Writes 350870 
Probe Table DB Reads 2477 
Probe Table DB Writes 952 
AP Table DB Reads 143992 
AP Table DB Writes 138867 
STA Table DB Reads 40404 
STA Table DB Writes 99687 
Probe STA Table DB Reads 101352 
Probe STA Table DB Writes 117566 
Probe Register 2476 
Probe State Update 37077 
Set RAP Type 42552 
Set RAP Type Conf Level 152 
Set RSTA Type 1 
Probe AP Type 276 
Probe Unsecure AP v2 9 
SAP Down 2 
Probe Wired MAC Update 2454 
AP Message V3 84647 
Next Probe Poll 39472 
STA message V2 44764 
Add Event 381 
Probe-table 7 
Probe-list 4 
WM-Mac-Table 3 
WM-AP-Table 4 
AP G-table 251 
AP A-table 4 
STA G-table 251 
STA A-table 0 
Sta-Probe table: STA 251 
Sta-Probe table: Probe 123 
AP state RB-tree 144 
STA state RB-tree 1 
AP stats RB-tree 0 
STA stats RB-tree 0 
Channel stats RB-tree 0 
Total Tree Count 145 
MAX RB-tree Count 50000 
Max Count Exceeded - APs 0 
Max Count Exceeded - STAs 0










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