How do I create multiple admins/users in RF_Protect Distributed?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all RFprotect Distributed versions. 

You can configure RF protect Distributed for multiple admins/users, each with their own appropriate access permissions. The new user manager in Distributed 6.x provides predesigned roles that can be selected at the time of user creation. The creation and deletion of these users can only be done by the superuser account of SYSDBA. 

The predefined roles are: 

· Viewer: Read-only access to the RFprotect database. Users with this role can observe all information available from the system, with exception of profile information of other users. Viewers cannot make any changes to the system, including changes to alert acknowledgements, alert notifications, authorized stations, Sensors, and they cannot delete any information. 
· Network Administrator: Same access rights as the Viewer; can also add and delete Sensors and modify Sensor hardware. 
· Mobile Operator: Same access rights as the Viewer; can also use Classify and Mobile Sync. 
· Operator: Same access rights as the Viewer; can also use Locate. 
· Enforcer: Same access rights as the Operator; can also use Classify and Shield. 
· Policy Author: Same access rights as the Enforcer; can also read and write PolicyEnforce rules and Alerts policies. 
· Administrator: Complete read and write access to the RFprotect database, with the exception of the ability to manage users and clean the database. 
· SYSDBA: Superuser with complete access.

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