How do I determine if an AP has been upgraded successfully to wireless N using the obtained license?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba APs AP 121abg,124abg,125abg and ArubaOS 3.3.x and later.


This example shows an AP-124abg access point that is wireless N capable. However, unless you get a license to upgrade it to wireless N, it does not work in wireless N mode.


You probably got the license for AP upgrading. But you might not know how to check if the AP is taking the license and is working in Wireless N mode or not.


To check the status of the AP, issue these commands in the CLI:


  • show license

The command should show:


License code AP124abg-Upgrade "number of licenses obtained"


The upgrade keyword indicates that the abg AP has been upgraded with new licenses.


  • show ap license-usage

This command returns useful information about the AP licenses that the controller has. Here is a snippet of the output:


o Total 802.11n for AP124abg: "total no. of licenses obtained", for example, 64.


o 802.11n AP124abg used: "No. of licenses used", for example, 12.


  • This indicates that among the licenses that you have bought, these are the total number of licenses used so far. This output also helps you to keep track of how many licenses left.
  • show ap active and show AP database

These commands should say "HT" on the speeds supported field. Also, an "H" flag should appear beside the newly wireless N APs.

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