How do I determine if clients are associated with 802.11n or a/b/g?

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Aruba Employee

Question:  How do I determine if clients are associated with 802.11n or a/b/g?


Product and Software: This article applies to all platforms and ArubaOS 3.3.2.x and later.
The 'show user' command shows us to which band the clients are associated. HT (High throughput) is the term used by Aruba for the "N" band. The following output shows the clients associated to "a","g" band and "a-HT", "g-HT" in N band.
#show user 00:21:5d:94:9a:e4 logon 00:00:07 test1 Wireless test1/00:24:6c:a8:bc:88/a-HT test1-aaa_prof tunnel 5c:59:48:8b:11:c1 user1 Wireless_User 00:00:14 Web test2 Wireless test2/00:24:6c:a9:41:d0/g-HT test2-aaa_prof tunnel 00:23:4e:dd:85:a5 user2 Wireless_User 00:02:14 Web test3 Wireless test3/00:24:6c:a9:43:30/g test3-aaa_prof tunnel 00:05:5d:84:fe:b1 logon 00:00:08 test4 Wireless test4/00:0b:86:d0:d6:51/a test4-aaa-profile tunnel

You can also use the following commands:
#show ap association client-mac <mac of client>
#show ap association ap-name <name of the AP>

Using the WebUI

1) Log on to the WebUI of the controller.

2) Go to Maintenance > clients to check if the clients are using 802.11n or other standard.

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