How do I erase the record of the first AP or any AP that is no longer in the system?

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Question:  How do I erase the record of the first AP or any AP that is no longer in the system?


Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS versions.

By default, any AP that has booted to a controller creates an entry in the database of that controller and the master controller, and the entry lasts forever.

If that AP is no longer in the system, it still shows up in the AP Down number on the master and local controller. Sometimes APs are replaced, and the replaced AP remains as "Down". When you replace an AP with another AP of the same name, the controller has a record of the previous AP with the same name, and the second AP is not allowed to function. The new AP shows an "I", which means inactive.

The clear gap-db command erases the record of the first AP or any AP that is no longer in your system that you no longer need a record for. You can clear AP by AP-name, wired MAC address, or you can even clear entries for an entire controller (LMS).

(Aruba) #clear gap-db ?

ap-name AP name

lms Clear all APs associated with an LMS

wired-mac AP wired MAC address

This command is very safe, because if you run it for APs that are currently up, those APs immediately recreate their records in the database. So, if you have a group of APs that are no longer in your system and they are still counted in the Down number, issue this command:

(Aruba) #clear gap-db lms

where is the controller where your APs terminate. All the down APs are cleared from the databases, and records remain only for the APs that are still up. The AP Down total is reset to 0.
Note: APs that terminate on the Aruba controller but have radios that are disabled via configuration continue to show as Down.

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I have a two domain environment where the backup LMS points a local controller in the other domain. This works well!! However; after each biannual datacenter failover testing, we spend a get deal of time deleting thousands of AP records in COOP datacenter' master controller because they are no longer associated with that master controller. If this works, a day's work will have been gained by this procedure.

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