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How do I find out the product or vendor ID of a modem that is plugged into a RAP-5 or AP70?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to RAP-5 and AP-70, to the RN code branch, and ArubaOS 5.0 and later.

Sometimes, existing USB modems are replaced by a newer version from the same manufacturer. You can use the controller to find out the vendor and product IDs of this USB modem for provisioning purposes.

To find the vendor and product IDs from the controller for a new USB modem, follow these steps:

1) After the AP comes up, provision usb_type to be anything (other than 0 or any), and make sure the priority_ethernet >= priority_cellular.

(MM-Inet) #show ap active

Active AP Table


Name Group IP Address 11g Clients 11g Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP 11a Clients 11a Ch/EIRP/MaxEIRP AP Type Flags Uptime Outer IP

---- ----- ---------- ----------- ------------------- ----------- ------------------- ------- ----- ------ --------

00:0b:86:66:32:c9 default 0 AP:HT:6/21.5/21.5 0 RAP-5WN A 1h:28m:33s N/A

(MM-Inet) #show ap provisioning ap-name 00:0b:86:66:32:c9

AP "00:0b:86:66:32:c9" Provisioning Parameters


Item Value

---- -----

AP Name 00:0b:86:66:32:c9

AP Group default

Location name N/A

SNMP sysLocation N/A


Gateway N/A

Netmask N/A

IP Addr N/A


Domain Name N/A

Server Name aruba-master

Server IP N/A

Antenna gain for 802.11a N/A

Antenna gain for 802.11g N/A

Antenna for 802.11a both

Antenna for 802.11g both


PAP User Name N/A

PAP Password N/A

PPPOE User Name N/A

PPPOE Password N/A

PPPOE Service Name N/A

USB User Name N/A

USB Password N/A

USB Device Type option

USB Device Identifier N/A

USB Dial String N/A

USB Initialization String N/A

USB TTY device path N/A

Remote AP No

Link Priority Ethernet 100

Link Priority Cellular 90

Mesh Role none

Installation default

Latitude N/A

Longitude N/A

Altitude N/A

Antenna bearing for 802.11a N/A

Antenna bearing for 802.11g N/A

Antenna tilt angle for 802.11a N/A

Antenna tilt angle for 802.11g N/A

Mesh SAE sae-disable

2) Plug in the modem, and reboot the AP. The AP loads the drivers, but it does not use them. The AP comes up as an Ethernet RAP as in step 1.

3) Issue the "show ap debug usb ap-name <name>" command.

#show ap debug usb ap-name 00:0b:86:66:32:c9

USB Information


Parameter Value

--------- -----

Manufacturer Novatel

Product Novatel

Serial Number 091121311011000

Driver (none)

Vendor ID 1410

Product ID 6000

These are the vendor and product IDs that you need to use for provisioning.

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