How do I get MMS technical support data from the Linux sh?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to Aruba MMS.


The web page runs three commands:

  •       /opt/aruba/sbin/tech-support.txt
  •       /opt/aruba/sbin/logs.tar.gz
  •       /opt/aruba/sbin/crash.tar.gz

Each of these can be run independently.


The name of the file where the data will be dumped is displayed. Unfortunately, no newline is printed.




[root@zm9 ~]# /opt/aruba/sbin/tech-support.txt 
/var/tmp/cgi0gzu0R[root@zm9 ~]# more /var/tmp/cgi0gzu0R 
### /bin/rpm -q --info --whatprovides /opt/aruba/bin/nanny ### 
Name : 
Relocations: (not relocatable) 
Version : Vendor:Aruba Networks 


The file can be copied somewhere else, and should be deleted, as the logs or 
dump files are gigantic. The logs and dumps are compressed, so remember to 
attach .tar.gz to the end so that winzip and other tools know what to do with them.



To get the logs and other information from the MMS WebUI:


At the bottom of the MMS launch page, you should see a link for "technical-support information". Click the link, which redirects you to a new page that holds the logs, crash, and the technical support information.

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