How do I recover the root password in MMS?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to MMS.


The simplest way to recover from a lost password is to boot into single-user mode.


For LILO Users


1) At the LILO boot prompt, enter:


Linux single

(Graphical LILO users can press Ctrl-x to exit the graphical screen and go to the boot prompt.)


This command makes you the "root" user without asking for a password.


2) After the system has booted, change the root password using the password command:




For GRUB Users


1) Press "e" at the GRUB prompt to select boot parameters.

2) Select the line for the kernel that you want to boot, and go to the end of it.

3) Add "single" as a separate word, and then press ENTER to exit the edit mode.

4) Back at the GRUB screen, press "b" to boot into single-user mode.

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