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How do I reset the RAP-2WG and RAP-5WN back to factory default settings?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question:  How do I reset the RAP-2WG and RAP-5WN back to factory default settings?



Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba RAP-2WG and RAP-5WN APs.

Usually if you press the hard reset button on the back of the RAP, the RAP does not reset properly.

To reset the RAP, follow these steps:

1) Remove power from RAP.

2) When the power is off, press a pin or paper clip into the reset button, keep it pressed.

3) Insert the power cable, but keep the reset button pressed.

4) Continue to press reset button, and watch the power LED. The light blinks very faintly and rapidly (green). Then the light blinks slowly (about 1 time per second).

5) Continue to press the reset button for a further 10 seconds.

6) Release the reset button and let the RAP power up as normal.
When RAP has booted up, the RAP console initial provisioning page is visible from enet1, etc.
Note that this process also resets the RAP software version. The provisioning may have changed, depending on the version of code you are using, versus what is the factory default image of the RAP.

7) On the RAP console provision page, try to give the controller public IP address and provision. If an error occurs, immediately call the Aruba support hotline with this ticket number as a reference.

If the power LED blinks red after you reset the RAP, the device has a problem and you must RMA it.

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