How do I resolve an "AP is resource constrained" error?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to Aruba OS 3.1 and later.


AP allows 64 associations by default, which is configurable. If the current number of associations reaches the maximum number of allowed associations, the message "AP is resource constrained" are displayed in the output of the "show ap debug mgm-frames" command.


(wlsw2h) #show ap debug mgmt-frames 

Traced 802.11 Management Frames 
Timestamp stype SA DA BSS signal Misc 
--------- ----- -- -- --- ------ ---- 
Apr 29 12:13:35 assoc-resp 00:0b:86:8a:73:48 00:19:7e:32:47:ff 00:0b:86:8a:73:48 15 AP is resource constrained 
Apr 29 12:13:35 assoc-req 00:19:7e:32:47:ff 00:0b:86:8a:73:48 00:0b:86:8a:73:48 60 - 

From above it can be seen that client is trying to associate but AP does not allow association as it has reached maximum number of allowed associations. 

* Latest messages are logged on top in output of 'show ap debug mgmt-frames'.


To fix this problem, use the WebUI or CLI to configure the SSID profile for appropriate number of associations per AP.




Navigate to Configuration > select AP Group > Wireless LAN> Virtual AP> select Virtual AP> click SSID Profile> Advanced and change Max associations.




(Aruba5000) #configure t  Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z

(Aruba5000) (config) #wlan ssid-profile foo-ssid  (Aruba5000) (SSID Profile "foo-ssid") #max-clients <max_allowed_associations_for_AP>

range is 0 to 255

default is 64

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show ap debug mgmt-frames (deprecated)

 What command may I use in ArubaOS 6.1 to have this info?

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