How do I retrieve a core dump from an AP in the event of a process and kernel crash?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Introduction :

Product and SoftwareThis article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS.


Feature Notes :

The dump server is a TFTP server that is used by AP to dump the core in event of process and kernel crash on the AP.
The file format as below:

core.<process name>.<apname>.PID

PID is Process Identification Directory

Example: core.sapd.ARUBA-LAB.AP-105.38660.757


Network Topology :


The dump server/TFTP server should be reachable from Access Point.



Configuration Steps: Below is the configuration steps:


Answer :


This feature was introduced to help troubleshooting issues i.e. there might be times we want to get the core files to find memory leaks, kernel crashes, process crash etc and it's difficult to collect all crashes from multiple APs manually hence this feature will help us to get all details automatically to the tftp server.



Verification : Below command we can verify if AP has received the configuration:



Troubleshooting :


How to identify whether it's a Kernel or Process crash on AP.

User-added image

This can be easily verified from above command and under the "Crash" if it's 'Y' then it's Kernel crash.

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