How do I transfer the database from an MM-100 to an MM-200?

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Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to MM-100 and MM-200 and MMS 2.1.x and later.


Backing Up the MM-100

You back up the MM-100 from the Administration dialog box, which is accessed from the Dashboard's Actions menu. The backup is performed via FTP, so you must have the appropriate access permissions on the FTP server.


To back up the MM-100 database, follow these steps:

1)  From the MMS Dashboard, choose Administration from the Actions menu. The Administration dialog box is displayed.

2)  Click the Backup/Restore tab.

3)  Enter the required information:

  •   IP Address of the FTP server
  •       User name and password for the FTP server
  •       Path where the backup file should be placed

You will need to provide this same information to the database migration script on the MM-200.

4)  Click Backup Now.  The backup file will be created under the path you specify, and will be named using the Mobility Manager Appliance hostname with a suffix of .0, .1, .2, or .3 appended. For example, if your MM-100 is named mm-100 and this is the first backup you have created, the backup file will be named mm-100.0


Recreating the Database on the MM-200

Recreating the MM-100 database on an MM-200 requires that a backup from the MM-100 already exists.


To "restore" the MM-100 backup onto an MM-200, follow these steps:

1)  Log in to the MM-200 via SSH.

2)  Ensure that the mmgr service is running.

3)  Issue the following command:  /opt/aruba/bin/mm200-upgrade -u <username> -s <ipadress> <file>



<username> is the user name for the FTP server.

<ipaddress> is the IP address of the FTP server.

<file> is the path and filename of the MM-100 backup file. 

These arguments must match what you used when you backed up the MM-100. The backup file created when you backed up your MM-100 is <file>, in the .log form. You will be prompted for the password.

4)  The migration process will repopulate the MMS system configuration and database. It will shut down and restart services as part of the process.


Reinstalling the MM-200 Licenses

To replace your MM-100 licenses, follow these steps:

1)  Connect your browser to the MM-200, and from the Dashboard, go to the Actions menu, clickAdministration, and click the License tab.

2)  Select each old license and click Delete.


When all the MM-100 licenses have been removed, you can add the new MM-200 licenses.


Note: The migration script will also "restore" the MM-100 licenses. Since licenses are keyed to the serial number of the Mobility Manager Appliance, the MM-100 licenses are not valid for the MM-200. You must remove the MM-100 licenses and install the licenses you have received for your MM-200.

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