How do I troubleshoot an MMS/controller “Out of Sync” problem?

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Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to ArubaOS 3.x and later.




When configuration via the Mobility Management System (MMS) is enabled for a controller, the MMS serves as the configuration master. The MMS pushes configurations (as configuration snapshots) to the master controllers in the network. The MMS uses the controller group concept to decide the configuration to be pushed, because different controller groups can have different configurations. Controllers that are part of the same controller group receive the same configuration snapshot from the MMS.


For a mobility controller that is a member of a controller group, the Config Update State indicates the state of this controller state relative to configuration changes made in the configuration application. If a state is listed as "N/A", that controller is not part of a controller group, and thus cannot be configured via the MMS configuration application.


Configuration changes are pushed to the controllers as soon as they are committed in MMS, and the configuration status between the controller and the MMS should stay synchronized. However, if connectivity issues or configuration validation failure occur, the configuration status may get out of synchronization. This means that the controller is part of a group, but its configuration is not in sync with the configuration for its group in configuration applications. In this case, you may need to push the current MMS configuration snapshot to a controller manually, independent of the automatic update capability. In this case, the controller is shown as "Out of Sync" if you look in Dashboard Navigation Tree > Resources > Physical > Controllers. The configuration update state is shown in the fourth column.




To trigger a manual configuration update, right-click the controller and choose Trigger Configuration Update. This command pushes the current configuration snapshot for the controller group of which the affected controller is a member.


After you execute the command, the status changes to "Sync In Progress". If the update is successful, "In Sync" is shown. Otherwise, "Out of Sync" is shown and you should verify these things:


  • The controller is up and running.
  • IP connectivity between the controller and MMS is active.
  • Required ports are open between controller and MMS (like papi, snmp, http, and https).
  • MMS is configured on the master and Update of Global Configuration from MMS is enabled.
  • Check the audit trail logs on the controller and /var/log/messages file in MMS server for any related log messages.

You should see the following log message in the controller:


Jan 15 04:17:36 cfgm[454]: USER:MMS@ Successfully pushed configuration from Mobility Manager to the controller: Config Id 2




When the clock on the MMS and Aruba controller is out of sync, the configuration is not pushed. The out of sync error message is displayed.


If an intermittent configuration sync problem is happening, it is likely that the MMS and Aruba master are pointing to two different NTP servers. The error configuration could have been pushed by the last configuration sync or the automatic configuration sync. Investigate those configuration syncs.


If all this fails, collect the controller and MMS server technical support logs and contact Aruba TAC.

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