How do I upgrade code on an AP-80MB/SB?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to Aruba AP-80MB/SB.


Aruba Networks AP-80SB#show version


Version v1.1.7.6B04


Aruba Networks AP-80SB#copy tftp file


1. Application image

2. Config file

3. Boot block image


Select the type of download<1,2,3>: [1]:

TFTP Source file name:zz-img-ap80_1_1_6_5.bin

TFTP Server IP:

Firmware version of system is v1.1.7.6B04 and Updating Run-Time code v00.00.01 N



This firmware is compatible with hardware.


Warning! Updating firmware may cause configuration settings to be incompatible.


(Suggestion:Using new default configuration settings lets system be more

efficient,but system will lose current settings.)


Do you want to use NEW CONFIG SETTINGS? <y/n> [n]:

Aruba Networks AP-80SB#

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