How do I verify the CAC configuration on the SpectraLink SVP server?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all ArubaOS versions and the Polycom SpectraLink SVP 8000 server.

This article should be executed only by the voice administrator. Any errors in execution will put the server into maintenance mode and cause all the phones to be disabled until the server is reset.

When the SpectraLink phones are in SVP mode, all traffic is tunneled either to a cluster of SVP servers or to a single SVP server. To increase the number of active calls on the network, you must network a group of SVP servers. The Call Admission Control (CAC) feature on the sever limits the number of phones per access point and the rates that the phones can operate in.

If CAC is enabled on the ArubaOS, configure the limits to be higher on the SVP server, so that the Aruba CAC feature will be the active configuration. If the rates are not set to "automatic", the roaming performance will be unpredictable.

Sample screens are provided to verify the configuration.

1) Log in to display the main menu.




2) Choose SVP-II Configuration.

3) Limit the number of active phones to five in a dense environment and eight in a coverage deployment.
These numbers can vary, if CAC is enabled on the controller or if many phones are deployed.
The 802.11 rates should always be set to "Automatic".


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