How do we increase the number of concurrent Captive Portal users on the controller ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to all controller models and AOS versions 5.0 and higher. The configuration and verification steps mentioned in this article are tested on Aruba 3200XM Mobility Controller running AOS version


The maximum number of users on a guest network at any instance may vary greatly and when it goes to a larger number, chances are that several of those users may concurrently try to do the web based Captive Portal authentication, but there is a configurable soft limit for the number of concurrent sessions that the webserver on the controller can handle and when this soft limit is hit, any new clients will not be presented with the captive portal page. This can be a concern especially on guest networks with large number of clients, on those occasions we shall increase the soft limit from the default value of 25 to any value up to 320.

(Aruba) (config) #web-server
(Aruba) (Web Server Configuration) #web-max-clients 70

(Aruba) #show web-server

Web Server Configuration
Parameter                                      Value
---------                                      -----
Cipher Suite Strength                          low
SSL/TLS Protocol Config                        tlsv1
Switch Certificate                             default
Captive Portal Certificate                     default
Management user's WebUI access method          username/password
User session timeout <30-3600> (seconds)       900
Maximum supported concurrent clients <25-320>  70
Enable WebUI access on HTTPS port (443)        false
Web Lync Listen Protocol/Port Config           N/A

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Hi, I've some questions about this limit,


Does this limit affect also when you use external captiveportal? (ClearPass)


Can I see the counter count with any command? (or is there any incident/log when the limit is exceeded)


It seems that the limit depends of the number of devices that have a user role with some Captive Portal Profile associated. Is it?How can I optimize that limit?


For all the series of mobility controllers the max is 320?





What is max concurrent client count for IAP? Thanks
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