How do you deploy a Spectralink network across a WAN link where you cannot break up the broadcast domain?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to a basic Spectralink deployment.


A limited number of customers have successfully deployed a Spectralink across a WAN link. Spectralink has a requirement to have all network elements on a single broadcast domain: PBX, SVP server, and or Netlink gateways. If any of these devices are separated by an L3, the multicast connectivity issues and or delay would break the sessions.


Aruba has a solution for deploying Spectralink VoIP across a WAN link. Each location will have its own WLAN switch and the customer will use an L2 GRE tunnel between the two sites. The biggest requirement is that the WAN link has low latency and lots of bandwidth.


In these types of deployments, the PBX and SVP are located at one site with the phones extended to the remote site across an L2 GRE tunnel.

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