How does ARM multiband assignment work and how do I configure it?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS and later.

ARM multiband assignment is meant to be used only for single-band APs, for example, AP-61 and AP-121. This mode enables ARM to compute assignments for a and b/g bands.

When APs come up for the first time, they start using one of the channels on band specified by the "rf-band" configuration in the "ap system-profile". ARM that is based on coverage allocates APs to different bands.

The CLI command is:

(sd3200-D) (Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) profile "mulit-band") # assignment multi-band

This option can be configured in the ARM profile.

CLI Example

(sd3200-D) (config) #rf arm-profile mulit-band
(sd3200-D) (Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) profile "multi-band") #assignment multi-band
(sd3200-D) (Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) profile "multi-band") #end
(sd3200-D) #

Using the WebUI

Navigate to WebUI > Configuration > Wireless > AP Configuration > AP Group > Edit > RF Management > ARM Profile and choose multi-band as the assignment.



We can configure multi-band ARM assignment in the same way on the 802.11g radio profile.

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