How does Aruba perform device identification? Does it work for all OS's / versions? What traffic is snooped to perform Identification?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to all Aruba controllers and OS versions.


1. Aruba controller Identifies device type using HTTP / HTTPs traffic from the client.

2. It will snoop into the HTTP messages to get the user-agent string to detect the OS, version of the device.

3. To see it happen in real time, we need to enable debugging on the user:



rtaImage (6).png


4. Let the user connect to the network. After the user has connected, please check that the user is in the user table. If all is working fine, then we should see the user device type identified from the user table:


rtaImage (7).png


5. We can see the same in output of the "show aaa state user" below:


rtaImage (8).png


6. We will see the similar output that the controller has detected the device type in the user-debug:


rtaImage (9).png


7. We will see the same output in the GUI:


rtaImage (10).png



For this feature to work correctly, please ensure:

1. Client machine OS is fully updated.
2. We are using default browser on that platform. Else we can also install official, updated builds of chrome / firefox on the client machine.
3. The role allows HTTP , HTTPs traffic
4. Web traffic is initiated from the client.

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