How does WMS offload work?

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Aruba Employee

Product and Software: This article applies to all Aruba controllers and ArubaOS 3.3.2 and later. AirWave AWMS 6.2 and later is also necessary.

In networks that have master-local clusters and large numbers of APs, WMS on the master can become very busy. To help in these situations, Aruba offers a feature that offloads the function of WMS to AirWave.

All controllers will need to be configured to enable offload as the commands are controller specific.

Normally, the controllers and APs communicate directly to the master controller with the necessary WMS information. When offload is enabled, the APs will talk to the local and the local will send the necessary messages to the AMP to perform the classification function.

To enable offload, follow these steps:

1) Discover the network devices on the AirWave AMP. Ensure the SNMP community used by AirWave matches the configured SNMP community on the controller.

2) Make sure the Telnet and SSH credentials configured for the devices on the AMP match the controller credentials. The AMP will need these credentials for configuring the necessary commands on the controllers.

3) On AirWave, two things must be done to enable offload. When these two things are done, the AMP will automatically push the necessary commands to each monitored controller to enable WMS offload:

  • On the AMP setup and General page, check the box under Configuration Options for enabling configuration push for WMS offload when the AMP is in Monitoring mode.
  • Go to the GroupBasic page for the controller Group, and click the Offload Aruba/Alcatel Lucent WMS Database button.

These steps are the easiest way to enable offload. Alternatively, the user can login to each controller and perform the necessary commands manually.

4) At this point, the AMP will login to the controller and configure the following:

  • wms general collect-stats enable
  • mobility-manager X.X.X.X user <user name> <user password> trap-version 2c

The user name and user password are specified in the credentials applied to the controller. These are configured on the AMP and can be done globally for the Group or can be different for each controller.

After the commands have been entered, the controller sets up the necessary communication with the AirWave AMP.

The following commands will show what is happening on each controller.

The audit trail should show:

(lcg_33_master) #show audit-trail

Oct 21 12:40:25 cli[569]: USER:admin@ COMMAND:<wms > -- command executed successfully
Oct 21 12:40:25 cli[569]: USER:admin@ COMMAND:<wms general collect-stats enable5 > -- command executed successfully
Oct 21 12:40:29 cli[569]: USER:admin@ COMMAND:<write memory > -- command executed successfully

Oct 21 14:00:40 cli[569]: USER:admin@ COMMAND:<mobility-manager user "aruba" "arubaaruba" trap-version "2c" > -- command executed successfully
Oct 21 14:00:46 cli[569]: USER:admin@ COMMAND:<write memory > -- command executed successfully

The configuration should have:

general collect-stats enable
mobility-manager user aruba d990699ec6768d5e2530e252308dca13adf9915f3ba8d3e9 udp-port 162 trap-version 2 rtls 8000
mgmt-user aruba snmpv3-user efe995950192651fecdfc6b5f99bc397836a22369ceb9d91c0

Also, these controller commands should agree on what AMP the controller is talking with.

* The first command shows servers configured with the mobility-managers command.

(lcg_33_master) #show mobility-managers

---- --------- ---- -------- ----- --------- ------ aruba 162 60 3 8000 *

Last server transition: Wed Oct 21 14:02:12 2009

MMS config sync state: Ready
Last Cfg sync result: None

Automatic config update: Disabled
MMS config ID: 0
Controller config ID: 118
Config update success: 0
Config update failures: 0

* After the server is configured with the mobility-managers command, the server will also be considered a trap host.

(lcg_33_master) #show snmp trap-hosts

---- ------- ------------- ---- ---- ------- ----- SNMPv2c aruba 162 MMS 60 3

* This command shows the general controller WMS configuration. In this command, the classification-server-ip will now show the IP address of the AMP to which WMS offload has been enabled.

(lcg_33_master) #show wms general

General Attributes
Key Value
--- -----
poll-interval 60000
poll-retries 2
ap-ageout-interval 30
sta-ageout-interval 30
learn-ap disable
persistent-known-interfering disable
propagate-wired-macs enable
stat-update enable
collect-stats enable
rtls-port 8000
wms-on-master disable
use-db disable
calc-poll-interval 60000
Switch IP
Is Master enable
SNMPv2c uwamp 162 MMS 60 3

* The next command output displays counters related to WMS events. The AMP sends a message to the controller to set the RAP type when an AP has had a change in classification. The "Sysmapper Set RAP Type V2" indicates how many of these messages have been received by the controller from the AMP.

(lcg_33_local) # show wms counters

Name Value
---- -----
Probe Register 11655
Set RAP Type 19328
Probe State Update 23823
Sysmapper Set RAP Type V2 3
Probe AP Type 1916
Probe Unregister 48
WMS Mode 1025
Probe Wired MAC Update 460
AP Message V3 37657
Next Probe Poll 35367
STA message V2 18902
Probe Stats Update Message V2 114146
Add Event 1
Probe-table 48
Probe-list 48
WM-Mac-Table 2
WM-AP-Table 24
AP G-table 881
AP A-table 289
Total AP Count 1170
AP Add Count 1537
AP Delete Count 367
STA G-table 881
STA A-table 290
Total STA Count 1
STA Add Count 2
STA Delete Count 1
STA Update Count 0
Sta-Probe table: STA 1171
Sta-Probe table: Probe 6142
AP state RB-tree 6855
STA state RB-tree 1
AP stats RB-tree 6229
STA stats RB-tree 0
Channel stats RB-tree 264
Total Tree Count 6856
MAX RB-tree Count 20000
Max Count Exceeded - APs 0
Max Count Exceeded - STAs 0

All of these commands are executed on each controller. On the controllers that are terminating APs, the following commands show the status for particular APs.

* This command includes output showing whether WMS is done on the master or not, and if not, the IP address of the classification server.

(lcg_33_local) #show ap monitor debug status ap-name west_46_1_11
Other Parameters
key value
--- -----
WMS on Master disabled
Stats Update Interval 60
Poll Interval 96000
Num Switches 1
Collect Stats enabled

WLAN Interface Switch Status
Bssid Type Status Last-reg N-reg Last-update Next-update N-updates Last-ack
----- ---- ------ -------- ----- ----------- ----------- --------- --------
00:0b:86:5e:1c:c8 local up 58978 1 59238 144 3 59238
00:0b:86:5e:1c:c0 local up 58978 2 59190 135 3 59238

RTLS configuration
Type Server IP Port Frequency Active
---- --------- ---- --------- ------
MMS 8000 N/A
Aeroscout N/A N/A N/A

* To determine if classification is occurring properly, the following output has useful information. Initially, the ap-type will be unknown. After heard APs have been classified, the state will change. The APs in the customer network should all be valid. The status of other APs heard will depend on the classification.

(lcg_33_local) #show ap monitor ap-list ap-name west_46_1_10

Monitored AP Table
bssid essid chan ap-type phy-type dos mt it load-balance nstas avg-rssi curr-rssi wired-macs
----- ----- ---- ------- -------- --- -- -- ------------ ----- -------- --------- ----------
00:0b:86:5e:1e:88 gclabc 149 valid 80211a disable 61501 0 disable 0 12 12 0
00:0b:86:5e:1e:89 lcgteach 149 valid 80211a disable 61501 0 disable 0 12 12 0
00:0b:86:5e:1e:80 1 valid 80211b/g disable 61448 0 disable 0 36 36 0
00:0b:86:4f:77:40 qa-dp-3400-one 1 interfering 80211b/g disable 16859 0 disable 0 11 11 0
00:0b:86:9a:45:08 qa-dp-3400-one 161 interfering 80211a disable 450 0 disable 0 12 12 0
00:0b:86:9a:57:28 qa-dp-3400-one 161 interfering 80211a disable 450 0 disable 0 11 11 0
00:0b:86:9a:1e:c8 qa-dp-650-one-1 161 interfering 80211a disable 450 0 disable 0 11 11 0
00:0b:86:9a:49:08 qa-dp-3400-one 161 interfering 80211a disable 450 0 disable 0 8 8 0
00:0b:86:4f:85:28 qa-dp-3400-one 161 interfering 80211a disable 450 0 disable 0 11 11 0
00:0b:86:f7:be:12 QA-SANJAY-SCALE2 161 interfering 80211a disable 450 0 disable 0 5 5 0
00:0b:86:f7:be:13 QA-SANJAY-SCALE3 161 interfering 80211a disable 450 0 disable 0 6 6 0

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