How does wifi to cellular handoff assist works in Aruba OS 6.5?


How does wifi to cellular handoff assist works in Aruba OS 6.5?


Cellular Handoff Assist Disabled :

When a sticky client is detected, Client Match usually consults the virtual beacon report for another AP(radio) on the same band with a better signal strength. If it unable to find a better Wifi radio, it returns without any action.

Cellular Handoff Assist Enabled :

•When cellular handoff assist is enabled, Client Match will attempt to unstick a sticky client even when there is no better (or other) Wifi radio available on the same band.

•CM will issue a request to controller STM to move the client (using the existing client assist PAPI message with reason CELLULAR_ASSIST). This will be done only for devices that have been classified as Iphones/Ipads/Android.

•When the controller STM receives the steering request, it will check the reason code and if it is CELLULAR_ASSIST, controller STM initiates the client “move”. In this case, all radios in the VBR will blacklist the client (for 20 sec) and the associated radio will deauth the client with reason code 3. This deauth will be sent over the air.

•CHA move will be disabled when the device is on active voice call.


•This functionality is an enhancement to solve the problem of sticky dual-network capable devices such as phones that prefer Wifi networks and remain associated to the Wifi Networks even when they are at the edge of coverage.

This feature is designed to identify these conditions from the Wifi infrastructure and initiate a Wifi network initiated handoff trigger to the device to proactively look for alternative networks.


This applies to Aruba OS 6.5 & is configured in the Virtual AP profile.

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