How many management users we can have on the controller ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment- The following information was tested on

Answer- We can have maximum of 10 management users on the controller.

This can verified by the below command:

(Aruba) #show mgmt-user

Management User Table
USER    PASSWD  ROLE                 STATUS
----          ------          ----                       ------
Test        *****        read-only                ACTIVE
Test1      *****        guest-provisioning   ACTIVE
Test2      *****        root                        ACTIVE
Test3      *****        root                        ACTIVE
Test4      *****        root                        ACTIVE
Test5      *****        root                        ACTIVE
Test6      *****        root                        ACTIVE
Test7      *****        root                        ACTIVE
Test8      *****        root                        ACTIVE
admin      *****        root                        ACTIVE

We also get a notification if we try creating the 11th management user as below.

(Aruba) (config) #mgmt-user Test9 root
Re-Type password:********
Error: Exceeds the maximum limit for mgmt-user (10)


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