How many network adapters are supported in AOS 8.x?


How many network adapters are supported in AOS 8.x? 


In AOS, a maximum of four network adapters are supported. 

​ArubaOS supports only a maximum of 3 network adapters for Mobility Master and 4 network adapters for Virtual Mobility Controller. If you have 4 network adapters on your ArubaOS Mobility Master ESXi server, you must remove one before upgrading to ArubaOS to avoid upgrade failure. 

To remove a network adapter from the ESXi server: 
1. Log in to the vSphere client.
2. Select the Mobility Master VM instance and click "Shut down the virtual machine".
3. Click "Edit Virtual machine settings".
4. From the "Hardware" tab, select and remove a network adapter that is not active. 

Before you remove the additional network adapter from the ESXi server, ensure that you copy the ArubaOS image on the system partition of Mobility Master. 

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