How to Add Bandwidth Contract to the VLAN and Monitor the same.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Bandwidth contracts on a VLAN can limit broadcast and multicast traffic.
ArubaOS includes an internal exception list to allow broadcast and multicast traffic using the VRRP, LACP, OSPF, PVST and STP protocols.
To remove per-VLAN bandwidth contract limits on an additional broadcast or multicast protocol, add the MAC address for that broadcast/multicast protocol to the VLAN Bandwidth Contracts MAC Exception List.
The command in the example below adds the MAC address for CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) and VTP (Virtual Trunking Protocol to the list of protocols that are not limited by VLAN bandwidth contracts.
(host) (config) #vlan-bwcontract-explist mac 01:00:0C:CC:CC:CC
To show entries in the VLAN bandwidth contracts MAC exception list, use the
How to check if there is
From the WebUI;
Advanced services->stateful firewall->BW contracts exception list
From the CLI
(WLC-1) #show vlan-bwcontract-explist
Vlan Bw Contracts Mac Exception List
Mac address
(WLC-1) #show vlan-bwcontract-explist internal
Vlan Bw Contracts Internal Mac Exception List
Mac address

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