How to Configure an Access-Point Using the AOS CLI

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MVP Expert

This article discusses how to configure an access point using the ArubaOS command line (CLI).


The following CLI commands configures the access point name and group.


********** Display access point database **********

(MM1) [mynode] #show ap database

AP Database
Name               Group           AP Type  IP Address   Status             Flags  Switch IP  Standby IP
----               -----           -------  ----------   ------             -----  ---------  ----------
ac:a3:1e:ca:57:f8  default         115  Up 6m:43s          2

********** Enter global configuration mode **********

(MM1) [mynode] #configure terminal
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z

********** Enter access point configuration mode **********

(MM1) [mynode] (config) #provision-ap

********** Select access point to be configured **********

(MM1) [mynode] (config-submode)#read-bootinfo ap-name ac:a3:1e:ca:57:f8

********** Change access point name a group **********

(MM1) [mynode] (config-submode)#ap-name AP-3
NOTE: For cert RAP; ap-name (if specified) in RAP whitelist entry will take the highest preference

(MM1) [mynode] (config-submode)#ap-group West-Coast-APs
NOTE: For cert RAP; ap-group provisioned in RAP whitelist entry would take the highest preference

********** Save access point configuration and reboot **********

(MM1) [mynode] (config-submode)#reprovision ap-name ac:a3:1e:ca:57:f8


--- Access point reboots ---



********** Display access point database **********

(MM1) [mynode] #show ap database

AP Database
Name  Group              AP Type  IP Address   Status            Flags  Switch IP  Standby IP
----  -----              -------  ----------   ------            -----  ---------  ----------
AP-3  West-Coast-APs     115  Up 6m:12s         2

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