How to Enable the installed licenses on Mobility Master running 8.x?


The Mobility Controller should be minimum running AOS: 8.x or above.

  • Previous 8.x we do not have an option to enable the license installed on the controller.
  • Starting form 8.x we have an option to Enable/ Disable the license.
  • It is mandatory to enable the installed licenses for it to used by its Managed Devices.
  • By Default MM License, VMC License and AP License are Enabled in 8.X


From WebUI:

To Enable:

Step 1: Mobility Master-> Configuration-> System-> Licensing-> Usage-> Global License Pool-> 

Step 2: Check the "Feature Enabled" box for the respective licenses to enable it

Note: AP License, MM License and  VMC licenses are enabled by default. 

To Disable it:

Uncheck the "Feature Enabled" box for the respective licenses to disable it.


From CLI:

To Enable

Step 1: Get in to the MM directory.
Step 2: From configuration mode, get in to the respective license pool and enable the respective licenses

(Aruba-MM) [mynode] (config) #cd /mm
(Aruba-MM) [mm] (config) #license-pool-profile-root
(Aruba-MM) ^[mm] (License root(/) pool profile) #
acr-license-enable      enable ACR feature
no                      Delete Command
pefng-licenses-enable   enable PEFNG feature
rfp-license-enable      enable RFP feature
webcc-license-enable    enable WebCC feature
xsc-license-enable      enable XSEC feature
(Aruba-MM) ^[mm] (License root(/) pool profile) #

To Disable

From configuration mode, get in to the respective license pool and use "no" command to disable the APs

(Aruba-MM) [mynode] (config) #cd /mm Maniraj-Aruba-MM) 
[mm] (config) #license-pool-profile-root 
(Aruba-MM) ^[mm] (License root(/) pool profile) # no acr-license-enable  
(Aruba-MM) ^[mm] (License root(/) pool profile) # no rfp-license-enable
(Aruba-MM) ^[mm] (License root(/) pool profile) # nowebcc-license-enable


To Check if the respective License is enabled or not, use the following command

(Aruba-MM) [mynode] #show license

License Table
Key                                                                                   Installed               Expires(Grace period expiry)  Flags  Service Type
---                                                                                   ---------               ----------------------------  -----  ------------
J6kL3BzQ-jLSyTL+/-ByJi+BPc-lvsEDKkd-kQV6VQ3r-XA/aZ5QT-YyOQH4Xz-I4ZcLHxp-e4DQ96Z9-5G8  2017-01-17 11:48:23[1]  2017-02-16 11:48:23            E     Next Generation Policy Enforcement Firewall Module: 32
z0nFTS4c-rUkHnyRJ-qHpJtdPK-GXdL2UCL-UcyGGnuw-YxzkCJS3-jvbmSxL+-cbzSFZlj-MNAEvYz/-NEQ  2017-01-17 11:52:11[1]  2017-02-16 11:52:11            E     Access Points: 32
WRMlRsMO-h3qbtQCg-bXUGQ06r-yy6l91EM-wlTG3upv-RvIkZTTD-eve4Zsxl-lHe8sZbE-GnOn775l-6/M  2017-01-17 11:53:10[1]  2017-02-16 11:53:10            E     MM: 32
YnUvN6cV-XG4p+ssF-+tUU3/HZ-bUvIBMYe-16pT+F7r-15xwzZRg-NSK2GM1Q-P+DuYd/m-KerLxXDC-jWg  2017-01-17 11:53:28[1]  2017-02-16 11:53:28            E     RF Protect: 32
DnFg4EUB-n0cvvgjI-AE8qt08E-k02qDrZs-lOW0Qqew-7vwavvVR-xvjMxigm-W6ntamAI-Gw5vGHCP-XcM  2017-01-17 11:54:57[1]  2017-02-16 11:54:57            E     VMC: 32
jGgl+NLl-MVifMjVq-JMVpusWw-xL4O9seI-PPQUQ2Yv-HHDKLBV0-kkmarJTn-1yUE91Sa-eK+rZETx-Il8  2017-01-20 13:02:58[2]  2017-02-19 13:02:58            E     WebCC: 32

License Entries: 6

Flags: A - auto-generated; E - enabled; S - Subscription; R - reboot/activation key required to activate; D - Not enabled on license client

Note: Time under 'Installed' for Subscription licenses is the license generation time.
(Aruba-MM) [mynode] #


The Flag "E" Indicates the license is Enabled.

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‎04-02-2017 10:12 PM
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Hi Team,


Today for one of our customer we have installed (MM, AP,PEF,RFP) license in mynode.

The customer setup is L3 redundancy between MMs.

But we have to use global centralized licensing on this setup.

1.So kindly let me know whether the license installation on mynode cause any issues or it will be fine.

2.Do I need to install it again on MM node? If yes how to add the same license on MM node.





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