How to Integration Aruba Mobility Switch with Activate Server

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Aruba Employee
Activate Integration Overview:
Activate is a cloud-based service that helps provision the Aruba devices and maintain the inventory. Activate automates the provisioning process, allowing a single IT technician to easily and rapidly deploy devices throughout a distributed enterprise. When the company orders a new Mobility Access Switch from Aruba, that device is automatically added to the inventory in Activate. Once a device is in the inventory, it can be automatically or manually associated to a folder and provisioning rule. A remote technician only needs to connect the Mobility Access Switch to the Internet, and that device will securely connect to Activate, retrieve its provisioning information, then use the provisioning information to connect to the AirWave server that has the desired Mobility Access Switch configuration.

Activate Provisioning Service
Activate customers must configure Activate with a provisioning rule for a Mobility Access Switch that provides each Mobility Access Switch with the IP address of the AirWave  management Platform and the AirWave group containing the switch configuration. When an Activate-enabled ArubaOS or higher Mobility Access Switch with a factory-default configuration becomes active on the network, it automatically contacts the Activate server, which responds with the AirWave server IP address and shared-secret-key, and the AirWave group and folder that contain its provisioning information.


If the management VLAN does not have Internet access and we want to manually point the Mobility Access Switch to the local AirWave, we can provide the AirWave information via quick setup. Zero-Touch Provisioning (via Activate or DHCP) is disabled if the Mobility Access Switch enters quick-setup mode, even if quick setup is later canceled. If the Mobility Access Switch is manually configured, it will no longer attempt to use the Zero-Touch Provisioning feature.

A configuration manually defined using the quick setup wizard or WebUI takes precedence over the auto configuration settings downloaded from an AirWave server. If the Mobility Access Switch is manually configured, it will no longer download configuration updates from Activate.

Note: A best practice is to avoid making any configuration changes directly on a Mobility Access Switch whose configuration is managed through an AirWave. If login credentials or connectivity settings are changed directly on the Mobility Access Switch, AirWave may no longer be able to manage that device. Any required configuration changes should be managed
through AirWave.

Network Requirements for AirWave Provisioning:
The Mobility Access Switch cannot use Activate/AirWave provisioning unless it has L3 access to the Activate server through the Internet. This connectivity must be available even when the Mobility Access Switch boots up with factory default settings, so the network into which the Mobility Access Switch is installed has the following requirements:
  • Connectivity to the Internet is available over an untagged interface.
  • DHCP-based address assignment.
  • DNS entries via DHCP to resolve
AirWave uses SNMP polling to verify that the Mobility Access Switch is active on the network.

Activate Firmware Services:
By default, the Mobility Access Switch contacts the Activate server upon initial bootup and then periodically every seven days to see if there is a new image version to which that switch can upgrade. If a new version is available, Activate prompts you to download and upgrade to the new image. The download process is not triggered automatically and requires admin intervention.
This feature is enabled by default.

To disable the activate firmware services, issue the command

activate-servicefirmware no enable


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