How to Restart a specific process of the AP ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Once can restart a specific process of the AP from the controller. This option is used if we notice any process in the AP is not responding or not starting.


This feature is supported from 6.3 and later.



Network Topology : Controller --> Network --> AP.


#ap process restart ap-name <name/IP> <process> core

Process restart:

The ability to restart a process on the AP with the option of generating a core file.

(Aruba7240) #ap process restart ap-name AP-93-1 sapd core

 Terminating process sapd [pid:1081]--->Success

Create dump server and AP will push the core file to the server.

 you can create a tftp server in the network and provide the IP address of the tftp server in "ap system profile" as dump server.

Once the process is restarted the core file will be uploaded to the tftp server.

 This core file can be sent to for further analysis.





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Can you please supply a list of processes that can be supplied as an argument for this command.

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