How to check AP's antenna connectivity

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This command checks AP antenna connectivity. The Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of the entire antenna in that Ap

Use the following command from the CLI of the controller
(qvslgwfarc01) #rft test profile antenna-connectivity ip-addr  dest-mac 00:26:08:a0:d7:99 phy g
Transaction ID: 4201

Ip address: Ap’s ip address
Dest-Mac: client’s mac address
Use the following command to get the test results.

(qvslgwfarc01) #show rft result trans-id 4201

Profile AntennaConnectivity, TransID 4201, AP, Dest 00:26:08:a0:d7:99, Radio 1
Antenna Connectivity Test Result
Antenna 1: Avg S/N ratio: 45    Success Rate:  50%
Antenna 2: Avg S/N ratio: 48    Success Rate:   8%
Difference:                3                   42%
Destination went into power-save during the test. Results may not be
accurate. For accurate results, disable power-save on the destination.

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