How to check Call History and performance of a given Lync client?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article provides information on collecting a Lync client's historical call information and Call Quality Parameters.

Controller running AOS 6.4
Controller integrated with Lync server, running LDL v1.1
Client running Lync for Voice/ Video or File share


Network Topology :



Ensure that port number for Lync server communication has been configured on controller.

(Master-6.4-Lync) #show web-server

Web Server Configuration
Parameter                                      Value
---------                                      -----
Cipher Suite Strength                          high
SSL/TLS Protocol Config                        sslv3 tlsv1
Switch Certificate                             default
Captive Portal Certificate                     default
IDP Certificate                                default
Management user's WebUI access method          username/password
User session timeout <30-3600> (seconds)       900
Maximum supported concurrent clients <25-320>  75
Enable WebUI access on HTTPS port (443)        false
Web Lync Listen Protocol/Port Config           http:15000


Below command can be used to collect Call parameters and Historical information of a Lync client.


rtaImage (1).jpg


Detailed client specific information on its Lync performance can be seen in the GUI dashboard.


rtaImage (2).jpg


To troubleshoot a specific client's specific call, CDR can be noted from the above output and below command can be used to check corresponding call info including periodic samples.


rtaImage (3).jpg



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