How to check channel Util, percentage of each channel used by Wi-Fi,Non-Wi-Fi, SNR using spectrum?


How to check channel Utilization percentage of each channel used by Wi-Fi, Non-Wi-Fi, SNR, etc using spectrum analysis?



Here are the few commands which would basically help us identify RF & Non-wif interference and do spectrum analysis based troubleshooting.


1. Show ap spectrum channel-metrics {ap-name <ap-name>}|{ip-addr <ip-addr>} freq-band 2.4ghz|5ghz

2. Show ap spectrum channel-summary {ap-name <ap-name>}|{ip-addr <ip-addr>} freq-band 2.4ghz|5ghz


This chart displays channel utilization data, showing the percentage of each channel that is currently being used by Wi-Fi devices, and the percentage of each channel being used by non-Wi-Fi devices and 802.11 adjacent channel interference (ACI).


1.  Channel Metrics table can also show channel availability, the percentage of each channel that is available for use, or display the current relative quality of selected channels in the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz radio bands.

2. The spectrum analysis feature, channel quality is a relative measure that indicates the ability of the channel to support reliable Wi-Fi communication.

3. Channel quality, which is represented as a percentage in this chart, is a weighted metric derived from key parameters that can affect the communication quality of a wireless channel, including noise, non-Wi-Fi(interferer) utilization and duty-cycles, and certain types of retries. Note that channel quality is not directly related to Wi-Fi channel utilization, as a higher quality channel may or may not be highly utilized.

4. SNIR is the ratio of signal strength to the combined levels of interference and noise on that channel. This value is calculated by determining the maximum noise-floor and interference-signal levels, and then calculating how strong the desired signal is above this maximum.

Below commands indicates the trend analysis of availability and Utilization in every channel.

Below output gives us the list of channel-summary of every channel seen by the spectrum monitor. Known Aps are nothing but valid AP`s whereas unknown AP`s are invalid one or the rogue AP`s identified on that channel.


Please find some of the other useful commands associated,

  • Show ap spectrum client-list
  • Show ap spectrum debug
  • Show ap spectrum device-duty cycle
  • Show ap spectrum device-list
  • Show ap spectrum device-summary


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