How to check for an active tunnel ID in a tunnel group on an Aruba controller?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment : This article applies to all Aruba controller running ArubaOS version 6.3 and above.


Tunnel Group is newly added feature in ArubaOS 6.3 that forms multiple GRE Tunnels across different GRE end points to maintain redundancy. At a given point, only one of the tunnel in the group becomes active.

Sometime, while troubleshooting it becomes important to understand which tunnel in the group is active. The "Active Tunnel Id" column in the show command below, lets us know the active tunnel ID.


rtaImage (4).jpg


Once the active tunnel goes down, the second tunnel comes up automatically.  The below screen show the tunnel# 2 going UP.


rtaImage (5).jpg


Tunnel Group also comes with a configuration of "Preemption", that allows the switching of tunnel once the first tunnel comes back up. Thus having a active tunnel all the time for the traffic to go through.



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