How to check the current active AP regulatory file on an Aruba Controller?


How to check the current active AP regulatory-cert file on an Aruba Controller? 


The downloadable regulatory table feature allows for the update of country domain options without upgrading the ArubaOS software version. It is a separate file which will be updated on Aruba Support site periodically containing AP regulatory domain information. This regulatory-cert file then can be uploaded to Aruba Controllers and pushed to the deployed AP's. 

To find which Regulatory-cert file is active, we can execute the below command.

(Aruba7210) #show switches regulatory

All Switches
IP Address     Name       Location          Type    Model      File Version  File Build
----------     ----       --------          ----    -----      ------------  ----------   Aruba7210  Building1.floor1  master  Aruba7210  1.0_53255     Jan 8,2016

(Aruba7210) #
Version history
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2 of 2
Last update:
‎03-29-2017 12:56 PM
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