How to completely clear AP information from controller database?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Environment  :  This article applies to Aruba Mobility Controllers and Aruba Campus Access Points.


Clearing the Access Points that are DOWN from the Aruba Controller is a recommended practice, as this would keep AP database small and updated. When Access Points are UP on controller, they serve clients and additionally scan the air at regular intervals for updating ARM module with the RF data. In this process, they create their foot print in various other places beside the AP database.

Therefore, clearing the AP from the "AP database" would just not be enough, we also need to clear related information from WMS database as well.

In the below example, we clear and AP from AP database and look out in WMS database still hold any information related to the access point:

  • Access Point is UP on controller and also shown is the BSSID  information:


rtaImage 1.jpg



Access Point is bought DONW and cleared the AP record from AP database.


rtaImage 2.jpg



  • Related information of above cleared access points is still available in WMS ("show wms ap <bssid>"  and "show wms probe")

rtaImage 3.jpg


Therefore, in order to completely clear the access point information from controller database, run all the below mention commands:

clear gap-db ap-name <>
clear wms probe <bss>
clear wms ap <bss>

NOTE: Run the last two command for individual BSSID's)

In our above scenario, we would be running the below commands to completely clear the AP information:


rtaImage 4.jpg

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