How to configure Aruba Controller to detect and prioritize Microsoft Lync client communication.

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

This article talks on how to configure controller to detect Lync traffic in classify media based deployment.


This Article applies to Aruba Controllers running ArubaOS version 6.3 and above.


Environment : Heuristics based Microsoft Lync deployment by customer.


Network Topology : Lync clients <----> AP <--> Controller <---->  wired switch infrastructure <----> Lync Server.


Controller detects Lync traffic though packet inspection via the ACL configured in user role. This is made possible through classify media option in the ACL.

The classify media option tells the controller to watch the call control pots and then sample UDP traffic to detect Lync calls. To ensure optimal performance only a few traffic are sampled.

The Lync client and server send call control signals through the Mobility Controller via TCP port 5061 or TCP 443, which initiates a Lync call. This information is used to identify clients in the call and further classify and prioritize Lync media packets

It is recommended to set up a netdestination alias for the Lync front end servers

netdestination lync-servers



ip access-list session lync-control
any alias lync-servers svc-sips permit classify-media
any alias lync-servers 443 permit classify-media


Lync clients can communicate with other Lync clients via standard RTP ports (UDP 1024-­65,535) or to the RTP ports as configured on the Lync server

ip access-list session lync-rtp
any any udp 1024 65535 permit


Apply the ACL to the user role used for Lync traffic    

user-role lync-user
access-list session lync-control
access-list session lync-rtp



In “show datapath session”, include the wireless client IP address and see if the controller tags the traffic correctly.

In the following example, there is a Lync Video call, the controller is able to classify the Video traffic with VoIP flag - “V" and apply the correct DSCP tag which is “48”. 



(Aruba) #show datapath session table | include  17   2652  20024  0/0     6 48  0   tunnel 22   5c   0     0    FHTCV  17   2653  20025  0/0     6 48  0   tunnel 78   5c   0     0    FHTV  17   20024 2652   0/0     0 48  0   tunnel 22   5c   0     0    FHTV  17   20025 2653   0/0     0 48  0   tunnel 78   5c   0     0    FHTCV

(Aruba) #show voice call-cdrs | include
1106  Client       lync      NA   NA       SUCC      65       Jul 10 08:18:25  NA       NA
1105  Client       lync      NA   NA       SUCC      69       Jul 10 08:17:15  NA       NA
1103  Client       lync      NA   NA       SUCC      256     Jul 10 08:04:44  NA       NA
1100  Client       lync      NA   NA       SUCC      315     Jul 10 07:46:21  NA       NA
1098  Client       lync      NA   NA       SUCC      150     Jul 10 07:42:38  NA       NA
1095  Client       lync      NA   NA       SUCC      1919   Jul 10 07:05:46  NA       NA


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