How to configure DHCPv6 server & Scope on a controller?

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Aruba Employee

Introduction : DHCPv6 helps administrators have a stateful configuration and management of IPv6 clients connecting to network. Also DHCPv6 supports configuration of domain name server which is not possible through RA’s.

Users can configure IPv6 pools with various configurations like lease duration, DNS server, netbios name server, vendor specific options, user defined options. Similar to IPv4, subset(s) of IPv6 addresses can be excluded from use. By default, switch IPv6 address, vlan interface IPv6 address, DNS server(s) address(es), neibios name server(s) address(es) are excluded from use.


Feature Notes: Below are the options available to be configured in a IPv6 DHCP pool.

(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) (config-dhcpv6)#?
dns-server              Configure DHCPv6 DNS server
domain-name             Configure DHCPv6 Domain Name
lease                   Configure DHCPv6 lease time
network                 Configure DHCPv6 network
no                      Delete Command
option                  Configure client specific options
preference              Configure DHCPv6 server preference


Environment : Controller also acts as DHCP server for IPv6 clients.


Network Topology : Controller (DHCPv6 service enabled) ----------- APs (CAP/ RAP) ---- IPv6 Clients


Configuration Steps : Configure necessary IPv6 Interfaces.

(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) (config) #show ipv6 interface brief

Interface                   [Status/Protocol]
vlan 164                    [  up/up  ]
vlan 1                      [  up/up  ]
vlan 4                      [  up/down]
loopback                    [  up/up  ]

(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) (config) #

Enable DHCPv6 as a service globally on the controller.

(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) (config) #service dhcpv6

Configuring a DHCPv6 Pool

(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) (config) #ipv6 dhcp pool vlan-164
(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) (config-dhcpv6)#network 2001::/120
(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) (config-dhcpv6)#domain-name
(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) (config-dhcpv6)#dns-server 2001::10
(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) (config-dhcpv6)#exit


Answer : Ensure that you have enabled DHCPv6 service and configured DHCP pool for the correct network range.


Verification : Verify the pool created by using the below command:

(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) #show ipv6 dhcp database

DHCPv6 enabled

# vlan-164
subnet6 2001::/120 {
        option dhcp6.domain-search "";
        option vendor-class-identifier  "ArubaAP";
        option dhcp6.vendor-opts  "fc00:0:0:1::1";
        option 2001::10;
        range6 2001::2 2001::f;
        range6 2001::11 2001::fe;

(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) #


Troubleshooting : Maximum Addresses configurable in the system is 5120.

So ensure that when using controller as the DHCPv6 server, have a lesser scope. A /64 dhcpv6 scope will throw below error.

(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) (config) #ipv6 dhcp pool vlan-200
(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) (config-dhcpv6)#network 2002::/64
Failed to add pool vlan-200 which has more than 5120 addresses. Maximum addresses configurable is 5120.  <<<<<<<
Currently configured are 1012 addresses. You may want to exclude unused address ranges.

(Abilash-Lab-Cont-master-6.4) (config-dhcpv6)#



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