How to configure Eth 1 port of AP for POE and Trunking

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When ever we need to connect an  access Switch or any POE device such as a phone or a camera, to  Eth 1 port of an AP, we need to take care of Trunk mode and POE configuration on that port.


We can enable POE on Eth 1 port of an AP through "Ethernet interface 1 port configuration" and Trunking can be configured through "Wired-AP-Profile".

Even if we enable POE in the profile, power will be sourced by some specific models of RAPs ( Power sourcing is not possible with APs) such as, RAP 3WNP(Eth -2) and RAP 155P(Eth-1 & 2).


Enabling POE on AP :


Step 1 : Select Configuration-->AP Group--><AP-Group of the desired AP>

Step 2 : Select AP > Ethernet interface 1 port configuration-->Ethernet interface link profile--> New Profile


Step 3 : Enable POE by selecting  “Power over Ethernet” knob


Configuring Trunk on an AP:


Step 1 : Select Configuration-->AP Group--><AP-Group of the desired AP>

Step 2 : Select AP-->Ethernet interface 1 port configuration > Wired AP -->New Profile

Step 3 : Select Trunk on “Switch Port Mode”, Configure Natïve VLAN and Allowed VLAN accordingly


Enabling POE on IAP :


Step 1 : Select More-->WiredNew “Wired Network”

Step 2 : Enter a Name, enable/disable POE, enable/disable Spanning tree “Wired Settings” tab

Step 3: Select Mode as ‘Trunk” and enter allowed VLANs under “VLAN” tab


Step 4 : Now map this Wired-Network to Eth 0/1 or any other desired port


1. The following output showing that the Trunking is enabled on "Default" "Wired-Ap-Profile" profile and the same is applied to the Eth 1 port of the AP,

2. The following output is showing that the POE is enabled and the profile is applied on eth-2 port.



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