How to configure LLDP-MED Network Policy on an Aruba Controller?

An Aruba Controller running 6.4 and above with an Access Point terminated to it.

  • Media Endpoint Discovery (LLDP-MED) is an enhancement of LLDP which will Auto-discover the LAN policies (such as VLAN, Layer2 priority, enabling plug and play networking).
  • LLDP-MED is used in exchanging IP-telephony messages between the AP wired port and the IP telephone.
  • If the AP's wired port is configured to connect an IP phone which supports voice over IP (VoIP), the AP's port automatically detects the configuration and assigns the telephone to the voice VLAN.
  • The implementation of a voice VLAN on an IP telephone is vendor-specific and needs to be processed as per vendor requirements. 

We can configure the LLDP-MED Network policy and map it to the AP port as below.
(ArubaMaster) #configure terminal
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z

(ArubaMaster) (config) #ap lldp med-network-policy-profile AP
(ArubaMaster) (AP LLDP-MED Network Policy Profile "AP") #application-type ?
guest-voice             Guest voice
guest-voice-signaling   Guest voice signaling
softphone-voice         Softphone voice
streaming-video         Streaming video
video-conferencing      Video conferencing
video-signaling         Video signaling
voice                   Voice
voice-signaling         Voice signaling

(ArubaMaster) (AP LLDP-MED Network Policy Profile "AP") #dscp 46
(ArubaMaster) (AP LLDP-MED Network Policy Profile "AP") #vlan 10
(ArubaMaster) (AP LLDP-MED Network Policy Profile "AP") #tagged
(ArubaMaster) (AP LLDP-MED Network Policy Profile "AP") #l2-priority 7
(ArubaMaster) (AP LLDP-MED Network Policy Profile "AP") #
(ArubaMaster) #
We need to map the LLDP-MED network policy to the LLDP profile as below.
(ArubaMaster) #
(ArubaMaster) #configure terminal
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z

(ArubaMaster) (config) #ap lldp profile AP
(ArubaMaster) (AP LLDP Profile "AP") #lldp-med-network-policy-profile AP
(ArubaMaster) (AP LLDP Profile "AP") #
(ArubaMaster) #
In WebUI:

We can verify if the configuration has been applied or not with below command outputs.
(ArubaMaster) #
(ArubaMaster) #show ap lldp med-network-policy-profile AP

AP LLDP-MED Network Policy Profile "AP"
Parameter                                                Value
---------                                                -----
LLDP-MED application type                                voice
LLDP-MED application VLAN                                10
LLDP-MED application VLAN tagging                        Tagged
LLDP-MED application Layer-2 priority                    7
LLDP-MED application Differentiated Services Code Point  46

(ArubaMaster) #
(ArubaMaster) #show ap lldp profile AP

AP LLDP Profile "AP"
Parameter                        Value
---------                        -----
PDU transmission                 Enabled
Reception of LLDP PDUs           Enabled
Transmit interval (seconds)      30
Transmit hold multiplier         4
Optional TLVs                    port-description system-description system-name capabilities management-address
802.1 TLVs                       port-vlan vlan-name
802.3 TLVs                       mac link-aggregation mfs power
LLDP-MED network policy profile  AP

(ArubaMaster) #
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