How to configure a static primary channel for 802.11ac?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

There may be scenarios when user would like to configure the primary channel for the 80 MHz channel statically. Below articles explains how to configure and verify the same.


802.11ac has been introduced in AOS 6.3. A new AP platform has been launched AP 22x for support for 802.11ac.


Environment : 802.11ac deployment in which static non-default primary channel is required for a 80MHz channel.


1) Disable ARM
2) Mention the Primary channel for 80MHz statically in the radio profile.
3) Save config



rtaImage (2).png


Post configuration, the channel of transmission of an AP can be checked in "Show AP active"  or "show ap bss-table".

If the output channel shows eg: 44E, E represents 80MHz.
   1) Suffix "E" for 80MHz channel
   2) Suffix "+" for 40 MHz channel
   3) No Suffix - 20 MHz

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