How to configure an Aruba Access Point to advertise TLV information during LLDP negotiations?

An Aruba Controller running 6.4 and above with Aruba Access Point terminating to it.

Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP), is a Layer-2 protocol that allows network devices to advertise their identity and capabilities on a LAN. Wired interfaces on Aruba AP's support LLDP by periodically transmitting LLDP Protocol Data Units (PDU) comprised of selected type-length-value (TLV) elements.
LLDP-MED (media end point devices) is an extension to LLDP that supports interoperability between VoIP and video streaming devices and other networking clients. LLDP-MED network policy discovery lets end-points and network devices advertise the VLAN, priority levels and DSCP values used by a voice or video application.

LLDP configurations for an Aruba Access Point is enabled by default however we can configure and change the settings as below.
(ArubaMaster) #configure terminal
Enter Configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z

(ArubaMaster) (config) #ap lldp profile AP
(ArubaMaster) (AP LLDP Profile "AP") #dot1-tlvs vlan-name port-vlan
(ArubaMaster) (AP LLDP Profile "AP") #dot3-tlvs mac link-aggregation power mfs
(ArubaMaster) (AP LLDP Profile "AP") #optional-tlvs port-description system-description system-name capabilities management-address
(ArubaMaster) (AP LLDP Profile "AP") #lldp-med-tlvs capabilities inventory network-policy
(ArubaMaster) (AP LLDP Profile "AP") #!
(ArubaMaster) (config) #

In WebUI:

We can verify the configuration as below.
(ArubaMaster) #
(ArubaMaster) #show ap lldp profile AP

AP LLDP Profile "AP"
Parameter                        Value
---------                        -----
PDU transmission                 Enabled
Reception of LLDP PDUs           Enabled
Transmit interval (seconds)      30
Transmit hold multiplier         4
Optional TLVs                    port-description system-description system-name capabilities management-address
802.1 TLVs                       port-vlan vlan-name
802.3 TLVs                       mac link-aggregation mfs power
LLDP-MED network policy profile  N/A

(ArubaMaster) #
We can verify the LLDP negotiations as seen in the below screen shot from the packet capture from the port in which the Aruba AP is connected.

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