How to configure band steering?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Band steering is a new feature on the 3.3.2 release where the Access Point (AP) will steer the dual radio stations to 802.11a radio whenever possible. This will reserve more bandwidth on the 802.11g radio for the legacy stations that do not support 802.11a radio. 

To configure the band steering, you need to: 
      1.  Enable the option on the virtual AP profile. 
      2.  Enable the local probe response on the SSID profile. Note that this option is enable by default. 

It is recommended that the controller is on Aruba OS or higher. 

To enable the band steering option, follow the steps below. 

      1.  SSH to the controller and enter the enable mode. 
      2.  Type the following commands: 
                 a.   config t 
                 b.   wlan virtual-ap <name> 
                            i. band-steering 
                           ii. end 
                 c. write mem 
      1.  Login as admin user. 
      2.  Click on Configuration > AP Configuration. 
      3.  Click Edit on the AP Group 
      4.  Click + to expand the Wireless LAN option. 
      5.  Click + to expand the Virtual AP option. 
      6.  Check on the Band Steering option. 
      7.  Click Apply. 
      8.  Click on Save Configuration.


Useful Commands: 
      1.   show ap band-steering-clients
                  a.   Use to check if the station is 802.11 a capable. The command show list of 802.11 station MAC address. 
      2.   show ap band-steering-clients remote ap-name <AP Name>  <client MAC> 
                  a.   Use to check if the station MAC address is on specific Access Point (AP).

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