How to configure database sync on Aruba controllers?


This article was tested on Aruba OS 6.4

We need a Master, standby and local setup to test this:


(master) #show switches

All Switches
IP Address   Name     Location          Type     Model      Version        Status  Configuration State  Config Sync Time (sec)  Config ID
----------   ----     --------          ----     -----      -------        ------  -------------------  ----------------------  ---------  master   Building1.floor1  master   Aruba7210  up      UPDATE SUCCESSFUL    0                       1  standby  Building1.floor1  standby  Aruba3200  up      UPDATE SUCCESSFUL    27                      1  local-5  Building1.floor1  local    Aruba3600  up      UPDATE SUCCESSFUL    11                      1




Periodic database can be configured on all aruba controllers but functions only on a master controller. Below we have a master controller with one entry in local user-db:

(master) #show roleinfo

(master) #show local-userdb
User Summary
Name  Password  Role   E-Mail  Enabled  Expiry  Status  Sponsor-Name  Remote-IP  Grantor-Name
----  --------  ----   ------  -------  ------  ------  ------------  ---------  ------------
a     ********  guest          Yes              Active          admin
User Entries: 1


We can see that periodic database sync is disabled:

(master) #show database synchronize

Last synchronization time: Not synchronized since last reboot

Periodic synchronization is disabled
Synchronization doesn't include Captive Portal Custom data


We will enable periodic database sync with time interval of 360 minutes (6 hours):

(master) (config) # database synchronize period 360



Let us verify the database sync:

(master) (config) #show database synchronize

Last synchronization time: Wed May  4 06:26:20 2016
To Master Switch at  succeeded
WMS Database backup file size: 160918 bytes
Local User Database backup file size: 60808 bytes
CPSec Database backup file size: 3252 bytes
Synchronization took 3 second

1 synchronization attempted
0 synchronization have failed

Periodic synchronization is enabled and runs every 360 minutes
Synchronization doesn't include Captive Portal Custom data

(master) (config) #show clock
Wed May  4 11:29:40 IND 2016
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