How to connect to an Aruba controller using ssh with certificates from a linux machine

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

From the WebUI Configuration page:


1.   Upload a client certificate to the controller:    


             Management -> Certificates -> Upload




2.   Enable SSH authentication using Client public key:    


                Management -> General



3.   Add a management user:                   


Management -> Administration -> Add User




On a linux machine: 


  1. Copy the client certificate private key to the user's directory ~/.ssh/ folder
  2. Change its owner to the user and its access permissions to 600.
  3. Optionally rename it to id_rsa
  4. if not renamed, run the following command:  "ssh -i ~/.ssh//<private key> <username>@<controller IP address>"
  5. You may get prompted for the private key passcode if set, and once entered you will get the controller prompt.
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