How to console in to an AP using a mobile devices with Bluetooth(BLE)?


How to console in to an AP using a mobile devices with Bluetooth(BLE)?

Minimum Supported AOS for the  APs with BLE support 

AP-310 series minimum AOS: 6.5.X

AP-320 series minimum AOS: 6.4.4.x

AP-330 series minimum AOS: 6.5.x



BluConsole support on Aruba Utilities (available on Android Play Store/ Apple stores) allows us to access AP console over Bluetooth on our latest APs (31x, 32x, 33x, etc) which have the built-in BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy) module. (IF console access is enabled on the AP system profile and IF the console password is typed correctly on the mobile device). 




 On controller end:

 To enable Console access using BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy)
(Aruba-Master) (config) #ap system-profile Test-AP
(Aruba-Master) (AP system profile "Test-AP") #ble-op-mode persistentConsole
(Aruba-Master) (AP system profile "Test-AP") #exit


(Output Truncated)

(Aruba-Master) #show ap system-profile Test-AP

AP system profile "Test-AP"
Parameter                                Value
---------                                -----
RF Band                                  g
RF Band for AM mode scanning             all
Native VLAN ID                           1
Tunnel Heartbeat Interval                1
Session ACL                              ap-uplink-acl
Corporate DNS Domain                     N/A
SNMP sysContact                          N/A
LED operating mode (11n/11ac APs only)   normal
LED override                             Disabled
Driver log level                         warnings
Console log level                        emergencies
SAP MTU                                  N/A
RAP MTU                                  1200 bytes
LMS IP                                   N/A
Backup LMS IP                            N/A
AP Console Protection                    Enabled
AP Console Password                      ********
Password for Backup                      ********
AP USB Power override                    Disabled
RF Band for Backup                       all
Operation for Backup                     off
BLE Endpoint URL                         N/A
BLE Auth Token                           N/A
BLE Operation Mode                       PersistentConsole

(Aruba-Master) #

On the Mobile End:

Open the application BluConsole and scan for the available devices. The AP that has BLE console enabled in the AP system profile will show an asterisk next to the iBeacon on Android as shown in the attached.





To configure Persistent Console on an IAP:


IAP# config

We now support CLI commit model, please type "commit apply" for configuration to take effect.

IAP (config) # ble mode persistent-console

(please make sure you write the full command, otherwise it will not work)

IAP (config) # exit

IAP# commit apply

committing configuration...


IAP# show ble-config

BLE Configuration


Item                   Value

----                   -----

Authorization Token    Not Configured

Endpoint URL           Not Configured

Update Intvl (in sec)  600

Operational Mode       persistent-console


Note:  As of 2/2017 Persistent Mode is supported by the following IAPs: 33x/32x/31x/30x/36x

Also, if run on the VC, the Persistent Mode setting will be propagated to all APs in the cluster.


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We are running 6.5.x on our controller and I wanted to test the AP console over Bluetooth for our 31x AP.  Enabled the peristentConsole in the AP profile, set a password.  Downloaded the Aruba app, and can connect via bluetooth to the wap,put in the password in the app for the wap and get to a ~# prompt. But anything I type i get permission denied.  I can't understand what I'm missing.

I thought I'd be able to purge and reload, etc.  Traditional console activities. Any ideas?

Thank you

Once you login with your password do:


- Keys -> Esc

- Keys -> CTRL-K


Then you get full access!

Running 8.3.x, AP 315, can login to all APs and switch to "full" - but every command I type ends in "not found"


What do I am missing?