How to console into an AP 175?

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Aruba Employee

This article explains the way to get into the console of an AP 175.


AP 175 is a thin outdoor AP which can only work with Aruba controller. We do have Instant AP 175 too that can function independently without a controller. AP 175 don’t have a regular console port similar to one that we have on other indoor APs like AP 105 or 125.It has a USB port which can be used to get into the AP console using USB console driver and a USB console cable shown in the image below:


rtaImage (7).png


The USB driver is available on Aruba support site.


Environment: This article applies to AP 175 and controller running AOS version or higher.


Install the USB drivers from Aruba support site. You can download the driver by logging on to navigating to Tools and resources >USB console drivers>AP.

Drivers are available for both Windows and MAC OS. Install the driver on your machine and determine the COM Port associated to the USB driver under “Device Manager” on the PC.

Initiate “putty” or any terminal of your choice and change to the appropriate COM Port by navigating to “serial”



rtaImage (8).png


Here you will get the AP 175 console screen like any other indoor Aruba AP where you can configure all required static parameters or reset the AP by getting into the apboot mode.

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