How to enable 802.11v - BSS Transition Management on controller ?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

To enable BSS transition management, you must advertise the 802.11k capability on the dot11k-profile that is

associated to a Virtual-AP profile. For more details on enabling 802.11k profile, see Enabling 802.11k Support on

page 377 .


Interaction between 802.11k and 802.11v clients


For 802.11k capable clients, the client management framework uses the actual beacon report generated by the client

in response to a beacon report request sent by the AP. This beacon report replaces the virtual beacon report for that


For 802.11v capable clients, the controller uses the 802.11v BSS Transition message to steer clients to the desired

AP upon receiving a client steer trigger from the AP.


802.11v is selectable in Instant OS 4.1, via Instant 4.1 User Guide, page 109


Configuring a WLAN SSID for 802.11k Support
You can enable 802.11k support on a WLAN SSID by using the Instant UI or CLI.
In the Instant UI
1. Navigate to the WLAN wizard (click Network>New or Network> Select the WLAN SSID>edit).
2. Click the Security tab.
3. Under Fast Roaming, Select the 802.11k checkbox.
4. Click Next and then click Finish.

lient Match will use 11v BSS transition management request to steer the 11v capable clients.

#show ap association
The phy column shows client's operational capabilities for current association
Flags: A: Active, B: Band Steerable, H: Hotspot(802.11u) client, K: 802.11K client, R: 802.11R client, W: WMM client, w: 802.11w client V: 802.11v BSS trans capable
PHY Details: HT   : High throughput;      20: 20MHz;  40: 40MHz
             VHT  : Very High throughput; 80: 80MHz; 160: 160MHz; 80p80: 80MHz + 80MHz
             <n>ss: <n> spatial streams
Association Table
Name          bssid              mac                auth  assoc  aid  l-int  essid       vlan-id  tunnel-id  phy              assoc. time      num assoc  Flags  Band steer moves (T/S)
----          -----              ---                ----  -----  ---  -----  -----       -------  ---------  ---              -----------      ---------  -----  ----------------------  18:64:72:d4:8d:d0  80:ea:96:d9:90:86  y     y      1    20     aruba-main  1        0x10009    a-HT-40sgi-1ss   1m:16s           5          WVKRAB  0/0  18:64:72:d4:8d:d1  24:a2:e1:35:32:81  y     y      3    20     aruba-psk   1        0x1002b    a-HT-40sgi-2ss   3h:24m:27s       1          WVAB   0/0
Num Clients:14
Total num of 5G capable clients:11
Total num of 5G capable clients in 2.4G band:6
Total num of 5G capable clients in 5G band:5
Total num of 2.4G only clients:3

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