How to enable Logging Level of the AP console


During AP troubleshooting, we might need to collect the logging or debugging output/information from the AP's. Till now we will just collect the AP console output, but that will not have more logging level information.


Starting from ArubaOS, the logging level of the AP console can be customized. We can configure this parameter only from the controller CLI.


In the CLI

A new console-log-lvl parameter is introduced in the ap system-profile command. By default, the console-log-lvl parameter is set to emergencies.


(Aruba7010) (AP system profile "default") #console-log-lvl ?
alerts                  Immediate action needed
critical                Critical Conditions
debugging               Debugging Messages
emergencies             System is unusable
errors                  Error Conditions
informational           Informational Messages
notifications           Normal but significant conditions
warnings                Warning conditions

(Aruba7010) (AP system profile "default") #console-log-lvl


(Aruba7010) #show ap system-profile  default |  include Console
Console log level                        emergencies  <-- By default the log level was set to Emergencies. 
Console enable                           Enabled
AP Console Password                      ********

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