How to enable client match?

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Aruba Employee

Question: How to enable client match?
Environment: Aruba OS Version


Aruba ClientMatch™ technology eliminates sticky clients by continuously gathering session performance metrics from mobile devices and using this information to intelligently steer each one to the closest AP and best radio on the WLAN. The client match option is enabled by default in Aruba OS

This option is configurable on the "rf arm profile". To verify the setting on this option,

After logging into the Web Management Console (Web UI),

1. Click on "Configuration" tab.
2. Click on "All Profiles"
3. Expand the "RF Management" options.
4. Expand the "Adaptive Radio Management (ARM)" options.
5. Click on the ARM profile use by the wireless SSIDs.
6. Click on "Advance" tab and check the setting on the "Client Match" option. By default this option is checked.


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