How to find max EIRP per channel and regulatory domain?

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Question: How to find max EIRP per channel and regulatory domain?


Environment: This article applies to all controllers running 3.x and later.


As per the FCC guidelines there is restriction on max EIRP that can be set per channel. This is to control the cell size of the channel to reduce co-channel interference.

Other than the regulatory in-band power restrictions, there are other limiting factors such as:

    Capabilities of the access point hardware (max power while meeting the IEEE EVM and power mask requirements for each modulation type)
    Band-edge and out-of-band emission limits (regulatory domain). These levels will increase with increasing transmit power but there’s no 1-on-1 relation.

Allowed channels for a regulatory domain can be checked out with the command:

"Show ap allowed-channels country-code <code of the country>"

Max EIRP per channel and regulatory domain of an Access Point can be checked with the command:

"Show ap allowed-max-EIRP ap-name Aruba-ap country-code <code of the country>"

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