How to find out which option an AP used to discover its respective controller?


How to find out which option a brand new or existing  AP used to discover its respective controller from the controller command line?

The Controller must be on minimum AOS: 6.5.x and above.

There are 4 option available for an AP to find its controller to which it needs to terminates its connection.

1. Static(Manual Entry)

2. DHCP(option 43 and option 60)

3. ADP(Aruba Discovery Protocol Multicast/Broadcast)

4. DNS(Resolving the host to aruba-master)


From ArubaOS 6.5 we store a consolidated information on ap provisioning parameters and master discover mechanism.

The output of this command contains the following information

1.  AP name

2. IPV4/ IPV6 address information

3. Master Discovery information

4. LMS information



(Aruba)#show ap consolidated-provision info ap-name <name of the AP>




We can find out the option used by the AP to discover the controller using the field "master discovery typed". In the above example we see that the AP given in the example used DHCP to discover its controller. The below example show how does the output looks when AP used static option to discover the controller


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